Jubilantly celebrating the 13th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Industrial Services and Solutions Joint Stock Company (VISC)

During the 2 days of October 7-8, 2023, Vietnam Industrial Services and Solutions Joint Stock Company (VISC) celebrated the 13th anniversary of the company's founding at Glory Resort, Son Tay, Hanoi. On this important occasion, the company's staff and employees participated in internal meeting activities to connect with the Gala Dinner to celebrate the strong development journey of Vietnam Industrial Services and Solutions Joint Stock Company over the past 13 years. (October 10, 2010 – October 10, 2023).



Departing from Hanoi, more than 70 VISC employees with eager spirit were present at Glory resort to attend the internal meeting with the theme "Youth strive, mark the future". Here, the entire board of directors and employees share about the past 13 years, propose new initiatives to build VISC to become more and more perfect, develop and present the company's upcoming directions and strategies. ty. During this meeting, VISC voted and awarded the best initiative. After this event, the initiative will also be put into practice by VISC's leadership, promising to bring significant improvements in work performance.

Ms. Hai Yen shared: "Once a year, on the company's birthday, all employees sit together in an Internal meeting. This is truly a meaningful activity and an opportunity for members to understand each other better, believe in the strategic direction of the board of directors, join forces and unite for the goal of developing a strong company." .




On the evening of October 7, after the echoes of the internal meeting were still lingering, VISC employees continued to immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere of the birthday party. Mr. Nguyen Van Xuan  - Director of Vietnam Industrial Services and Solutions Joint Stock Company shared his sincere words of gratitude and encouragement for all VISC employees during the company's 13th anniversary celebration.

After the formal ceremony, the party atmosphere became sweet and calm with a video recording the feelings of VISC members. The feelings for the company, sharing about the working environment and the determination to contribute and the spirit of pride in being a VISCer were fully expressed through the radiant faces.

Next was the exciting opening party with sparkling lights, everyone joyfully sang "Happy birthday VISC!"


All VISC staff and guests continued to enjoy the colorful music party with the opening performance: the dance "Lotus - Vietnam's national flower" performed by the VISC female group. The soft movements, graceful steps with the graceful ao dai left a complete impression, sending the message of a strong, modern, and temperamental VISCer portrait. The party really became bustling with the hot hit song from MaxSound band. The band burned up the stage with strong vocals and exciting stage exchanges with a series of hit songs.



The company's 13th anniversary has truly created an atmosphere of cohesion and emotion for all employees in the company.

The program celebrating the 13th anniversary of VISC's founding ended in an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm while opening up new goals and new plans, requiring more determination, creativity and solidarity from all employees - VISC staff.

Wishing the new age of VISC more and more development and prosperity!




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