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VISC - Reliable partner in industrial innovation. With a pioneering vision and commitment to continuous innovation, VISC has steadily established a leading position in the mechanical and automation industry. Since its inception in 2010, VISC has embarked on its goal of becoming the first ecosystem development enterprise in the mechanical processing industry with a combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Embracing the mission of "DRIVE INNOVATION TOGETHER", VISC actively engages in the industrial supply chain, serving as an expert partner for numerous businesses across mechanical engineering, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, electronic assembly, consumer goods, teaching equipment and software, chemicals, textiles, and more. .

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VISC is a pioneer in cultivating the mechanical processing industry ecosystem, combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Our aspiration is to become an international symbol, actively enhancing competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.

International stature

To become an internationally recognized symbol of excellence and optimal solutions in the fields of mechanical manufacturing and industry.

Intellectual ecosystem

To become the first ecosystem-driven enterprise in the mechanical manufacturing industry, combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Competitive capability

To emerge as a company with export products and solutions possessing international competitiveness.


VISC was established with the mission of creating a sustainable platform the industrial, manufacturing, and auxiliary sectors, enhancing the value of Vietnamese products, and fostering an ideal environment for the technical community to develop careers and promote Vietnam's localization rate.

Sustainable foundation for the industrial, manufacturing, and auxiliary sectors
Providing innovative and sustainable technological solutions to improve enhance efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and establish sustainable pricing for the manufacturing industry.

Enhance the value of Vietnamese products
Developing high quality products that fulfill the requirements of the international market and deliver substantial advantages to customers, thereby contributing to shaping the reputation of Vietnamese products in the global market.

Higher localization rate for Vietnam.
Enhancing Vietnam's localization rate through promoting research and technology application, generating additional value, and fostering the balanced and sustainable growth of domestic products.

Ideal environment
Establishing a conducive environment for the professional growth of the technical team community.

Global supply chain
Accompanying businesses to improve competitiveness, expand markets and optimize production processes, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese economy.


VISC is founded on 5 core values: Exquisiteness (product), Human Elite, Intelligence, Exactness and Integrity.

VISC is committed to developing high quality products that meet the needs and desires of customers.

Human Elite
VISC consistently recognizes the significance of individuals in every endeavor, fosters a positive workplace environment for employees to enhance their personal growth.

VISC places a strong emphasis on investing in enhancing the professional qualifications and knowledge of the personnel, thereby ensuring high level of accuracy and efficiency in work.

VISC puts precision first in every decision and action, from the production process to the service provided to customers.

VISC regards integrity as a fundamental principle in all customer relationships, ensuring absolute honesty and adherence to strong ethical standards

The company currently operates based on 3 technological fields: Precision mechanical processing and molds, Sheet metal welding; cutting and punching technology and Automation integration technology with robots. In the next 3 years, the company plans to expand and refine its capabilities in 3 new areas: Pressure molding technology for aluminum and plastic, Surface treatment technology and Information technology for machine integration to become smart devices capable of communicating with each other using data and signals. When these technologies are fully completed, the connection becomes a tightly linked chain.


VISC is a pioneer with many years of experience in the field of precision mechanical processing, capable of accurately consulting on production solutions for businesses based on a deep understanding of technology and production process. VISC boasts a diverse team with backgrounds spanning various industries, equipped to handle large-scale projects. Furthermore, serving as a partner and distributor for leading brands positions VISC with brand advantages, ensuring the high quality of its products. Adding to its capabilities, VISC operates a modern manufacturing facility established in 2015, reinforcing the company's proactive stance in the production process. This facility enables VISC to optimize production times, streamline machinery and equipment, ultimately enhancing overall production efficiency.ncy.


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Office address
B4 - 12, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Street, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi


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